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COVID-19 Operational Practices

None of us want to get sick nor do we want to make anyone else sick...

Fortunately for us, being out in the spacious backcountry while skiing or snowboarding is naturally a sport where maintaining distance is the best way to travel. Keeping our guests safe both out in backcountry and while enroute to and from our tour destinations is our #1 priority and we appreciate our guests cooperation with these precautions this winter.


While we cannot fully remove every risk of transmission for all of our guests during these times, we can operate with a few accepted practices to reduce those risks. If you are feeling sick or displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19, please for your, your group's and your guide's wellbeing, please stay home. Of course, there are people who may have the virus unbeknownst to them and are asymptomatic, therefore adhering to the accepted practices is very important.


More spaces, less faces! The Japanese government is advising to avoid the 3 C's ( crowded places, confined spaces and close-contact settings ) Again being outside in places with less people on our tours this can be fairly easily achieved. However, transportation in vehicles and using chairlifts and gondolas to access the tour areas are places where we are more confined. We kindly request our guests to follow these guidelines;

-Please adhere to physical distancing (2m) whenever possible.
-Please wear masks while in vehicles and gondolas/chairlifts and indoors if required.
-Please refrain from sharing personal gear/clothing or food or drinks
-Please sanitize/wash your hands after using public facilities

We really appreciate your cooperation and with these minor adjustments we can all have a wonderful, healthy and powder-filled winter season in Hakuba.

Northern Heights Guiding: Winter 2021/2022<small>

"Snow, terrain, ambience .. all absolutely amazing! ! James’ ability to deliver superlative skiing experiences day after day is remarkable – he seems to know every nook and cranny of the Hakuba valley and was unfailing in knowing where to go at what time of day to get the best powder. Not only that, indeed perhaps most important, he is super safe and thorough in everything he does. Oh and excellent company too – with a joke for all occasions! I would not hesitate to recommend him.” Tim Batstone, England

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