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5 top tips for ski touring etiquette

Ski touring – be it on skis or a split board – is a whole new world of fun and adventure, and with it comes it’s own set of unspoken rules and courtesies. Here are 5 good to know tips on how to conduct oneself in the backcountry, subsequently setting us up – and indeed those around us – for an enjoyable day ahead.

1. Give way on the up

If someone is keeping a faster pace than you on the skin track, step off of it completely and allow them to pass. That goes for any other reason you may have stopped – such as delayering, grabbing a snack or using a device. Bottom line is, don’t stop on the track and force people to go around you, but rather come off of it until you are ready to resume or are not holding someone else at a slower pace than yourself.

give way

2. Don’t snake lines

While we’re on the topic, if someone has created a skin track that you are using and they are still within eye sight, do not snake the line that they are clearly intending to ski. It may feel tempting to race them at a faster transition or drop slightly below them, but resist it! By all means use other people’s tracks, but do not get the jump on them for the skiing portion if you have benefited from their efforts on the up portion.

don't snake lines

3. Be discreet when nature calls

If you need to go when you’re skinning up, use some discretion and come right away from the track. Though it may be extra work on a deep snow day or feel inconvenient, seeing where someone else has relieved themselves when you’re enjoying a beautiful backcountry hike is simply unpleasant. If you have the need, move right away, make a hole & cover it when you’ve finished.

be discreet

4. Please don’t snowshoe the skin track

This may sound obvious but is often done; if you are snowshoeing do not do so on an already created skin track. There may well be an alternate path made by other snowshoers, or you may have to make your own. But please, don’t ruin an existing skin track.

Don't snowshoe on a skin track

5. Be nice!

Unfortunately, so many of us let the drive for finding fresh lines compromise our otherwise good nature. Remember, we are all of out to enjoy ourselves, nature and the sport. More times than not there are plenty of lines to be enjoyed, so don’t allow a great day in the mountains to be soured by any unfriendliness with others. Acknowledge others, greet others and even share and exchange knowledge about the conditions that you may have. After all, our ultimate goals are the same; to stay safe and have fun.

be friendly